Visionns of Leading

What you experience while hanging from a rope on the side of a mountain offers excellent analogies to personal standpoints and developmental planning. Whoever belays must convey security, whoever leads must have trust. Trust and security go hand in hand. When you are on the rope, you are not alone- you can't fail alone, or win alone.
Experienced trainers offer individuals, groups, beginners and advanced climbers exceptional climbing experiences, the chance to reflect on those experiences, to develop personal perspectives, as well as find and exceed ones personal limits.
If you are specifically interested in a seminar for the purpose of building teams, teamwork and trust or leadership, just approach one of our trainers to discuss the details.

Our Trainers:

Roman Tschurtschenthaler
Mountain Guide and Head of the Climbing School

Prof. Brigit Mager
Seminar Leader

Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer
Seminar Leader
Building Leadership
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